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Black Willow


New York Time’s best-selling author, Nora Bassett’s life is about to take a huge and very unexpected turn. Reeling from the tragic death of her twin sister—and on the heels of a painful divorce—she learns that she’s just inherited Black Willow Farm, her twin’s dilapidated Victorian Farmhouse estate. Devastated by the loss of her sister, Nora makes a leap of faith and decides to move into the house and see her sister’s dream of renovating the home into a Victorian inn through. Little does she know the property holds dark and sinister secrets that run deep.


The decision to take on the massive renovation job was an easy one for contractor, Ben Whitfield. He’d felt drawn to the house from the moment he’d stepped onto the property, intrigued by its weathered, but hauntingly beautiful bones. But the project of a lifetime comes to a screeching halt when he stumbles across the dead body of Black Willow’s young owner. And when an exact replica of her arrives as the property's new owner, Ben feels a connection to the beautiful stranger that can’t be denied.


Upon moving in to Black Willow, Nora soon finds herself not only falling in love with the amazing house, and the idea of small town life in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, but quickly falling in love with Ben, too. However, as they work side by side to prepare for the inn’s grand opening, unsettling occurrences start to happen in the house. Nora begins to question what dark history the house might hold, as well as questioning her own sanity. Is someone-or something-attempting to drive her out? Ben will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, but Nora refuses to leave what she believes is the last connection to her twin. As the opening of the inn barrels toward them, danger escalates to a terrifying new level and the two must race against the clock to find out what’s happening inside the beautiful, but dark and tortured hallways of the Black Willow Inn before it’s too late.

Dark Harbor
                  Coming soon!
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