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Choose wisely, my friends...

A mere two months ago, as Covid-19 first gripped this beautiful, vast world of ours, spreading disease and fear and uncertainty like a wildfire to the farthest corners of the earth, I had NEVER seen our nation more united. We faced a giant, together as one. The color of our skin made no difference, the way we chose to worship made no difference, our political affiliations made no difference. We were all simply humans looking after one another. Humans genuinely caring about each other, helping and healing one another.

Out of great tragedy, I witnessed love and compassion and kindness take root and bloom. They flowed like a river, deep and wide. And just like that, we were one. ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Brothers and sisters of every race, religion and culture facing the same fight, side by side, hand in hand. While we could have allowed fear and uncertainty to swallow us whole, to divide us, to conquer us, instead, we chose unity. We chose to lift each other up. We chose to reach out across the oceans, to look out for one another, to love one another. This last week our nation was presented with a new round of choices.

Darkness and emotionally charged moments have forced their way into our thoughts, flooding our days and our nights with uncertainty, as grief and hate begin to eat away at our newly-found unity, like a terrible cancer. But we have the power, every single one of us, to do better. To choose better. So, I ask you now and in the coming days, to choose wisely, my friends. I encourage you to choose love instead of hate. To choose unity. To choose compassion. To choose empathy. To choose forgiveness.


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