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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Brrr! As the days become shorter and colder, I find myself longing to curl up next to the fireplace with a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate or spiced cider, on a regular basis! But Christmas is quickly approaching and there is much to be done! Between trimming the tree, shopping, wrapping, and baking, along with school concerts and parties to attend, the season is in full swing. If only there was a pause button and we could just stop for a moment and really breathe it all in. Savor it. The joy of family coming home for the holidays, the sweet moments gathered around the dinner table, the endless belly laughs shared as memories of crazy childhood shenanigans are recounted. I am one of six children (and while it's rare that we are all together under one roof at the same time during the holidays anymore) when we are... LOOK OUT!!! Wow. Talk about stories of childhood shenanigans!!! My parents sit back and listen to the stories and memories my brothers recall, with their mouths hanging open, asking each other how in the world their children actually survived childhood! lol ; ) Fun times!!!

Whatever it is that you still need to accomplish as we all make the mad dash toward December 25th, make sure to steal a few moments to soak in this beautiful, magical time of year!

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